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For years, Eusebio Sald has worked in the aeronautics, aerospace and defense sectors, becoming a leader in welding of laser and TIG cladding for these sectors. Thanks to our use of cutting-edge technology and skilled welders with their considerable experience in the sector, we guarantee high quality standards in every job we do.

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Certified to operate in the aerospace sector

The aerospace industry consists of companies that build and maintain aircraft and spacecraft, with respect to both the manufacture of components and the production of controls and complex systems and subsystems.
The aeronautics and aerospace market requires a very high degree of skill and quality.

Thanks to the use of advanced equipment and continuous personnel training, Eusebio Sald is qualified to work in this sector.

Ability to work with various types of materials

For years, Eusebio Sald has been considered a guarantee of quality and expertise in laser welding and blanking for the aerospace sector. We are able to satisfy any type of request, and can work with any of the following materials:
– steel
– titanium
– aluminium alloys
– magnesium
– nickel
– cobalt

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