Via Cascina Borniola 9/E - 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO)

Eusebio Sald is a mechanical workshop that operates throughout northern Italy, welding presses in steel and other materials for their repair. Relying on our comprehensive experience in the sector, our staff’s high level of technical expertise and our use of innovative technologies, we are able to meet the demands of companies in various sectors,

including the automotive, energy, toys and aerospace industries, as well as many others. We invite you to visit our mechanical workshop at Via Borniola 9/E to see first-hand the quality of the repairs made by our company.

Mechanical workshop certifications

As evidence of the quality of the services offered, we have acquired and maintain the following certifications:

ISO 9001
EN 9100
Qualification of laser welding processes
Nominative patents for TIG welding on aluminium and steel

Effective production-process management system

Our production-process management system allows us to guarantee the highest level of quality in every welding process performed.

Each phase of the process is supervised by specialized personnel, with an entire area dedicated to acceptance control and another area to test the work performed.

The ideal Partner for small, medium and large businesses

Flexibility, reliability and speed in meeting your needs, highly experienced staff, technologies and an organizational/management model to interact and manage relationships with large companies. This is what makes Eusebio Sald the ideal partner, whether you are a major player in the market or a small or medium-sized business that wants to grow and become situated on the market in your sector.

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