Via Cascina Borniola 9/E - 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO)

Eusebio Sald is a mechanical workshop based in Settimo Torinese, in the Province of Turin, that specializes in metal welding for companies in various sectors. The high quality of the work performed and constant technological innovation have allowed the company to become a leader in the metal-welding sector throughout the northern Italy.

For more information on the services we offer and the materials and thicknesses produced and used, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Advanced technologies

Our company has always used technologically advanced machinery and equipment. At our headquarters in Settimo Torinese at Via Borniola 9/E, we have the following equipment:
4 TIG stations
3 350-A Miller machines
1500-mA Hitachi machines
2 laser source welding machines and 2 fiber laser welding machines
with 20X eyepiece and 360º movable arm (Alf Lak 900F)

Organizational model of production

Our mechanical workshop has an organizational standard for production spaces in which areas are dedicated to individual clients and separated by movable walls.

The areas reserved for laser welding are closed behind doors and accessible only via electronic key. We are equipped with the most modern antitheft and video surveillance systems, even in our offices, to protect sensitive client data.

Ability to work with different materials and thicknesses

Our extensive experience in the field and our highly skilled staff means we are capable of working with the following materials:
– steel
– nickel alloys
– cobalt
– titanium
– aluminium.

Visit our mechanical workshop at
Via Cascina Borniola 9/E to see firsthand
the quality of our work and the
materials and thicknesses used.