Via Cascina Borniola 9/E - 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO)

Over the last few years, Eusebio Sald, specialists in metal welding, has also entered the gas and energy sectors. Relying on the know-how we have gained through years of experience, our mechanical workshop in Settimo Torinese has quickly situated itself in this field, attracting leading customers in the Italian energy sector.

We are recognized and established throughout northern Italy and have always paid great attention to technological innovation and personnel training.
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Services for the gas and energy sectors

Industrialized countries continue to increase their demand for energy to meet various needs, from industrial production to mobility to building heating. Thanks to our experience in the sector and our highly skilled technical staff, our mechanical workshop at Eusebio Sald is qualified to collaborate with industries in this sector, guaranteeing metal welds of the highest quality and precision.

Leading partner in the sector on the national level

In just a short time, Eusebio Sald has succeeded in establishing itself throughout northern Italy in the field of metal welding for the power generation sector. Today our customers include leading companies in the national gas and energy sector such as GE – Nuovo Pignone.
We invite you to visit our company headquarters in Settimo Torinese, Via Cascina Borniola 9/E, to experience first-hand the quality of the work we do in our mechanical workshop for the power generation sector.

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